Stage show offers journey through golden years of rock 'n roll

Henk Botha

Henk Botha

It sparkles, enchants the senses and brings back wonderful memories.

This is the overview of rock music over the past half century currently on stage at Sun City in Pilanesberg, North West.

Ever since its inception the resort has been known for its lavish and impressive extravaganzas.

But its latest production, called Let There Be Rock, which opened at the beginning of this month, breaks away completely from this theme.

In devising the new show, Sun City's entertainment team relied on the continuing popularity and enduring appeal of rock music among both the young and the middle-aged. They couldn't have been more right - each and every song brings back memories and has the audience screaming and applauding like smitten groupies.

And no wonder - vocalists Byron-Lee Olivato, Candida Mosoma, David Chevers and Sharon Spiegel give strong lyrical performances while the band members deliver convincing reincarnations of rockers through the ages.

The show follows the development of the rock sound from the early 1950s up to the present, highlighting some of the greatest and most influential hits of the period.

The simple, uncluttered stage sets are complemented by colourful but functional costumes and this helps to keep the audience focused on the music. The well-choreographed dance troupe adds just the right element of spectacle and entertainment.

Though the formula is not new and has been used in various other productions, Let There Be Rock is a delightful journey through the music industry's most formative years and is ideal for the whole family.

Tickets are R110. The show runs from Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8.30pm and there are Sunday matinees at 3pm.