Market picks would make novel Christmas presents, writes Isaac Moledi

Christmas is fast approaching and it is time to look at suitable presents for the family.

Christmas is fast approaching and it is time to look at suitable presents for the family.

A research team from BOE Private Client has made the following stock picks for the family members for next year:

GOLDREEF - for dad:

Gold Reef City comprises a theme park, the apartheid museum and dad's personal favourite, casinos.

The group should continue to benefit from additional gaming facilities, renovations and strong regional economies.

SANTAM - a share for mom:

The short-term insurance market has returned to a normalised claim environment after a period of very benign claims.

Profits and cash flows are nevertheless expected to remain healthy. The expected 10 percent dividend yield will definitely suit mom's spending habits.

BIDVEST - for grandma, steady as she goes:

This is an international services, trading and distribution company, operating on four continents.

Because of its diverse nature, Bidvest could be considered as a proxy for the economy.

This means that if the economy does well then Bidvest should follow suit.

AFROX - a little gas for grandpa:

Afrox is a company with a solid track record and has never missed a dividend payment in 25 years.

The current growth in the South African economy has seen the company announce major expansion projects which will have a 40-year life-span.

SASOL - for the daughter, lipsticks from coal, it's the latest thing:

After a disappointing performance from Sasol this year, we expect a better year from the company next year. Projected earnings growth of 36 percent next year should see the future price earnings multiple unwind to 7,9x.

TIGER BRANDS - for the granddaughter, some jellytots:

A hamper of Tiger Brands products will nourish her.

Tiger Brands also owns pharmaceutical company Adcock, which is emerging from three years of regulatory pressure.

BOE team expects moderate earnings growth of about 14 percent for the current financial year to September next year and a dividend yield of 4,3 percent.

MTN - for the daughter-in-law:

MTN is becoming a significant emerging market mobile business, with its main operations in South Africa, Nigeria and the Middle East. At its recent first quarter trading update, MTN reported solid subscriber growth, most of which was underpinned by its recent Investcom acquisition.

The team is expecting the company to grow its earnings by more than 20percent this financial year putting the company on a price earning of 12,5x.


Abil specialises in unsecured lending. It is proficient at providing small loans of less than R10000.

The team also expects the company's gross advances growth of 20percent reported at its most recent year result to be maintained at the 20percent level for the foreseeable future.

HOSPITALITY A - For mother-in- law, a home from home:

This instrument offers a yield of more than 8,5 percent with an increasing distribution into perpetuity, guaranteed by the B units - which need to remain solvent.