Dlulane dazzles Japanese

Meshack Khotha

Meshack Khotha

Sensei Simphiwe Dlulane was voted the most spirited fighter at the All Japan Full Contact karate tournament held at the Saitama Sports Arena in Tokyo, Japan, at the weekend.

South Africa, however, finished eighth at the international tournament.

The country had to face formidable competition from Korea, United States, Iran, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, South Africa and Japan took part. The hosts won the tournament.

Dlulane, who made his international debut at the tournament, won the hearts of the panel of judges with his fighting spirit and attitude.

Dlulane's mentor, Sensei Wandile Ncapai, said his protégé entertained the crowd with a display of tobi ushiro mawashe geris, that is, jumping spinning kicks.

"Dlulane fought his heart out throughout the proceedings. He held his own against the best selected combatants from developed countries," Ncapai said.