Condoms promoted Pronto

Campus Media blew UCT students away with an amazing promotion for Pronto Condoms.

As the name suggests, Pronto is all about speed. Not only are they very simple to use, they're very quick to apply - and guaranteed not to spoil the mood.

Each condom comes packed in a small plastic applicator. To use the product, you simply crack the pack open and slip the condom on - without even taking it out of the pack.

The product has to be seen to be believed and UCT students were keen to get their hands cracking and wrapping. The promotions team were dressed as nurses and doctors and took time to explain the many benefits of the condoms to fellow students. A screen in the background showed how to apply the product.

The promoters ensured that students watched the demo before giving them samples to test.

Students also enjoyed the demonstrations by the promoters, who speedily applied condoms on a spindle.

Willem van Rensburg, the inventor, said: "It's taken me five years to develop this product. It was wonderful to see that the students were as excited by it as I was when I first thought of it. We are interested in attracting young, modern people who love innovation and are keen to show their partners that condom application need not interfere with the act."