Babe magnet Ntando in R58300 row

ON FIRE: Ntando does his thing. Pic. Mbuzeni Zulu. 02/05/2006. © Sowetan
ON FIRE: Ntando does his thing. Pic. Mbuzeni Zulu. 02/05/2006. © Sowetan

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Afro-pop star Ntando Bangani is embroiled in a row with the Setsoto, formerly Ficksburg, municipality over money he allegedly owes it.

Ntando was billed to perform on December 11 last year alongside Malaika and Ringo at the yearly Cherry Jazz Festival organised by the municipality.

The municipality paid him 50percent of the performance fee in advance.

But the singer is said to have vanished with the R58300 fee and failed pitched up at the festival.

The city fathers have since been trying to recover their money from the singer, but without success.

Ntando is a successful singer whose music continues to melt the hearts of female fans.

His hit song Dali Wam, in particular, has achieved the status of a quasi national anthem at parties and clubs.

But Ntando's management company, TS Records, denies that he vanished with the money and that he did not honour his date with his fans.

Sipho Dlamini, a TS Records executive, said yesterday: "The municipality was made aware that Ntando was booked to perform at another venue on December 11.

"Whoever paid first would get him to perform at their event.

"That was part of the contract we signed with the municipality.

"The other promoter paid first and therefore Ntando honoured that gig.

"The money we owe them we are going to pay them today [yesterday]."