Tips to help you identify abuse

Here are tips to help you recognise that somebody is abused.

Here are tips to help you recognise that somebody is abused.

Abuse is any pattern of behaviour that controls another person, causes physical harm or fear, makes someone do things they do not want to do, or prevents them from doing things they want to do.

It can be verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, material or financial.

Frequent or repetitive physical injuries with inconsistent explanations are warning signs of abuse.

lAbused women's survival strategies: the woman blames herself for the abuse.

l Denial of the abuse: it usually happens when the woman pretends the abuse is not happening.

l Learning not to fight back: fighting often causes her more harm.

l Substance abuse: this can help her numb the pain.

l Suicidal thoughts or acts: some people may opt for suicide as a way "out".

lParalysis: not doing anything because that may lead to more abuse.

l Fear of intervention from outsiders: people often end up making it worse.

l Trying to please the abuser: playing Superwoman and attempting to prevent violent outbreaks.

l Belief in her own inferiority: The abuser insists she be submissive and indecisive.

Why won't she leave?: Try to understand what is holding her in the relationship. -