Serial killer delighted with hefty sentenc e

Ntwaagae Seleka

Ntwaagae Seleka

Self-confessed serial murderer Sello Osia Chakane on Friday graciously accepted a 50-year jail sentence, saying he was ready for his condemnation.

"I thank the judge for the sentence he has imposed on me. For a long time I was ready for it," Sello said after Vereeniging circuit court judge, Seun Moshidi, imposed the lengthy term.

Chakane, 39, of Zone 13 Sebokeng confessed in court on Wednesday to shooting to death Mojalefa Frank Khafela, 27, and Daniel Sefatsa Sechabela, 24, in that township on May 1 2002.

On June 1 Chakane was given multiple life sentences for three unrelated murders and is currently an inmate at Groenpunt Maximum Prison near Sasolburg.

Likening himself to the Biblical Moses, Chakane said he was a born-again Christian who had "managed to convince about 300 inmates to worship the Lord". His called his prison church "The Light of God".

"Nothing will change a human being except the word of God," said Chakane.

He also said he was remorseful and asked for forgiveness from all his victims' families.

After he was sentenced, and before being led down to the cells, he said: "I hope that by publishing this article Sowetan will be sending a strong message to other murderers that crime does not pay."

He said that the Lord sent him to prison to rescue those who live in the darkness.

"God brought Moses to this world to rescue the children of Israel and I think that is why he wanted me to go to jail for a long time," said Chakane holding a Bible in his right hand.

He said that by spreading the word of God his prison church would lead many criminals to the truth.

Judge Moshidi said that though Chakane had asked for forgiveness from his victims' families, it did not mean he deserved a lenient sentence.

Chakane will serve two 20-year terms for murder.

He was also sentenced to 10 years for armed robbery and five years for possession of an unlicensed firearm plus one year for possession of ammunition which will run concurrently.

Chakane is expected to face another murder charge on December 6.