Not how top cop should behave

Police boss Jackie Selebi should resign.

Police boss Jackie Selebi should resign.

The mere fact he had a friendship with Glenn Agliotti has brought his position as national police commissioner into disrepute. The office is one that should enjoy the confidence of the public.

It should not only be above reproach, but crucially, be seen to be above reproach.

Selebi does not have to be found guilty of a crime in order to be "guilty" of gross impropriety and a lack of judgment, which are sufficient reasons in themselves for him to resign.

It is alarming that he shows absolutely no appreciation of the stature required of his office, and the need to be seen as having integrity.

If he did he would have already stepped down of his own accord.

His friendship with Agliotti shows that he treats his office with both contempt and a dismissive nonchalance, and this can only display a corresponding contempt for our hard-earned democracy. We should all be appalled by this type of behaviour.

Furthermore, if he knew about Agliotti's notorious history, then his friendship with the man is inexcusable. On the other hand, if he did not know, that suggests shocking incompetence from our country's top cop.

How ever one looks at it, he should resign, finish and klaar.

Bheka Nkonyane, Johannesburg