Heavenly head-to-toe pampering

When it comes to giving yourself a spa treatment, you can never be too generous because your body needs it.

When it comes to giving yourself a spa treatment, you can never be too generous because your body needs it.

Health spas have different themes and packages. Mangwanani African Wellness Centre, north of Pretoria, is said to be in great demand because of its African approach to wellness.

Here everyone surrenders all the senses to staff who make arrival rejuvenating and departure a fluid experience.

You can choose from a number of treatments. First-timers need to treat the most neglected areas, like feet, upper back and head.

The foot massage is highly recommended. Feet take a heavy beating from our unhealthy lifestyle. The blood flow from head to toenail struggles to flow in the feet.

Lerato Motsepe, of the Saxon Hotel in Saxonwold, said that most of her clients with foot problems report a drastic change in their overall health.

"One old man with calluses, swollen feet and bunions came to see me.

"I gave him a foot massage about three times and told him to play with a golf ball using his feet for five minutes a day. Now his feet look smaller, younger, more moisturised and generally healthier."

Motsepe also recommends head-to-toe skin exfoliation.

"Dead skin, which is often acquired during winter, wreaks havoc on our skin, especially the hands and feet, leaving them dry and cracked.

"Exfoliation helps the skin rejuvenate by opening pores and it helps with blood circulation," said Motsepe.

Herbalist Thabang Molefe said: "A daily intake of vitamin C, milk thistle and detoxing for a month will make getting rid of dead cells even easier, giving more body-treatment benefits to your other body areas."

Getting rid of major exhaustion around the holiday season requires a holistic approach. Get a massage, especially if you have children. It is great for body and spirit, it tones muscles and is ultra relaxing. Massages can be bought by the hour or half hour. So, lie back, enjoy the candlelight and listen to soothing sounds while being massaged with nice, fragrant, warm oils.

Mangwanani treatments:

Ubuso - renewing African facial spa;

Revitalising fruits facial spa with pressure-point passage and peppermint pressure point African peditreat;

Tlhapiso - full body cleansing;

Full spa body works - choice of body washes or salt and almond oil body exfoliation;

Izimanga - full body massage - heaven on earth;

Full body traditional body rub - massage with a blend of essential oils;

Molala - ancient Indian and North African head massage;

Neo maoto - traditional African royal foot massage, from toes to knees; rose petal wash, sugar and lavender scrub, almond oil and creme hydration and massage;

Neo matsogo - traditional African royal hand massage from fingertips to toes.