Haven for sick, homeless

Prince Chauke

Prince Chauke

African Musicians Against HIV-Aids (Amaha) wants to build a village for people living with the disease, and for the old and the homeless.

Amaha will call the settlement the Amaha-Kwaito Nation Village. The group has earmarked Share World, at Nasrec, Soweto, as the venue that will accommodate people from across the country.

Doc Shebeleza, Amaha's chairman, said yesterday: "We are just waiting for the go-ahead from the ministers of land affairs and of arts and culture.

"Our aim is to work closely with government departments and in particular the Health Department because we will be dealing with sick people."

He said establishing the village, which will accommodate 5000 people, was a long-term project.

Shebeleza said that Amaha would try to build a partnership with the corporate sector "because we need a lot of resources."

He said that musicians Ringo, Ray Phiri and Stimela were part of the initiative.

l The second leg of the Ekasi S'vukile Social Responsibility and HIV-Aids National Tour has kicked off.

The next concert will be at the Chris Hani Sports Complex in Orange Farm in Midvaal on December2. Proceeds will go to charity.