Kelly must stop hunting for men

I am responding to an article headlined "Ms Virgin wants a man".

I think the subject of the article, Kelly Khumalo, is confusing issues.

As a Christian, she should know the religion's stand when it comes to marriage.

Christians do not choose a wife or a husband they want. Instead you pray to God to give you a suitable partner.

As a child of God you do not lead your life according to your needs, but God's needs. I am sure that God knows what his children want and are entitled to. Therefore, God will never give you something you will not be happy with.

I think Khumalo should also be proud of her virginity and wait for the time when God will provide a lover for her.

She should not rush into losing her virginity because that will mean she does not understand the reasons for her being a virgin. She should be proud to be a virgin because girls her age do not even remember how it felt to be a virgin.

My advice to her is to stop advertising herself as if men are running out.

She must focus on her career and lead a pure life as a child of God.

Eventually the right man, who will not need a CV to be recognised, will come her way.

Zodwa Mtsweni, Soshanguve