School booze makes YCL see red

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

The Young Communist League (YCL) says school violence cannot be solved if shebeens are allowed to operate near places of learning.

"If we have to, we will go all out and close down every shebeen that is close to a school. This means pupils will not have access to drugs and alcohol," said YCL national secretary Buti Manamela.

He said it was useless throwing money at the problem.

The Education Department had put aside R5million to fight the violence, but the causes had to be identified first, he said.

Manamela, speaking after the YCL's plenary session in Umlazi at the weekend, said the YCL supported maternity leave for pregnant pupils.

"We believe that these pupils cannot be denied an education because they are pregnant. Issues of sex education, family planning and HIV-Aids should be an integral part of our education."

Manamela said the YCL also supported Kabelo Thibedi. Thibedi was sentenced to five years in jail for holding a Home Affairs employee hostage after waiting for years for an identity document.

Manamela said Thibedi's fate lay in the hands of society, "the ordinary people who have also been let down by the country's public service".