Khanyile wanted Africans to be a proud people

Our country has lost another icon.

Our country has lost another icon.

Jabu Khanyile was a unique musician whose mission was to instil pride in all Africans.

His music always reminded us of our origin as a people. He was a very proud African generally and specifically a proud Zulu man. He never compromised his music in a quest for fame and riches. His vision was to restore our people's pride and our African culture.

Once you understand who you are and where you come from, you will understand that Khanyile's music was crafted in a particular manner. His aim was to make Africans appreciate and celebrate their heritage.

Of course he did this with style. Whenever he performed he did so with his ishoba. It was a symbol of Khanyile's identity.

His music was driven by a principle and not by how many millions of rands he could accumulate.

I think that there are few musicians today who promote the kind of music genre Khanyile sought to promote. And this is where his death becomes a tragic loss, not only to this country, but to the entire continent.

Khanyile's mission and heritage must be carried forward by ensuring that his music is promoted. He may be gone but he will not be forgotten. Jabu Khanyile used his talent to the fullest. Lala ngo xolo Mfo Ka Khanyile.

Thusi Motsopi, Johannesburg