Court must give Tladi justice

The trial of Kgomotso Tladi points to a dark side of humanity. The case is obviously sub judice, and as a lawyer I would refrain from discussing its merits or demerits.

The accused has admitted through her counsel's cross examination of state witnesses that she procured the services of her co-accused to scare her husband. Whether the agreement was to kill him or not is immaterial.

Our nation was robbed of a committed civil servant and a sharp intellectual. How many more of our stars are going to be killed because of greed? This case is in the spotlight because the deceased was a high-profile personality. Many such cases are not reported.

This is where our courts have to prove their mettle. All forms of immorality as evidenced by the Tladi case have to meet with our nation's strongest disgust and disapproval. Our courts have to mete out the harshest sentences if the accused are convicted. This case is a direct opposite of Kabelo Thibedi, in which the young man was failed by the system and took the law unto himself. No one was maimed or murdered in the Thibedi case, whereas the deceased was murdered in cold blood in the Tladi case. The Tladi case affords the judiciary a perfect opportunity of proving that it is in touch with the feelings of ordinary people.

Theo Mapheto, Johannesburg