Azapo is opposed to gay marriages

Azapo believes that allowing same-sex marriages is to give birth to a completely new society in South Africa. And the Civil Union Bill that wants to make it into law, needs more consultation because of its far-reaching implications.

South Africa's main religious formations - Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, traditionalists and others oppose this bill. Together these sects account for more than 80 percent of the population.

Traditional authorities and their communities are also opposed to this legislation, and more than 60percent of our people live in traditional communities.

So, whose benefit does this legislation serve? What good does it bring?

Laws are created to serve the majority. Our experience with minority-serving laws, such as the apartheid laws, ultimately lead to instability as a result of defiance. These laws do not last because they contain seeds for social disruption and destruction.

Azapo does not support the bill and it is prepared to work with other organisations opposed to it.

We propose the government conduct a national referendum on this legislation. This would establish how the majority feel about it.

Dan Habedi Azapo secretary- general