Tapping into woman power

ENERGETIC: Julian Seleke-Mokoto. Pic. Mbuzeni Zulu. 12/09/00. © Sowetan.
ENERGETIC: Julian Seleke-Mokoto. Pic. Mbuzeni Zulu. 12/09/00. © Sowetan.

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

Tapping Hearts, a theatre production written and directed by Julian Seleke-Mokoto, will run at the Market Theatre in Newtown from December 12 to 24.

It is cutting-edge, highly energetic theatre that looks at the lives, challenges and tribulations of South African women using tap as a descriptive tool.

Seleke-Mokoto has directed successful shows such as Shattered Dreams and Mary, the Unfaithful Woman.

Tapping Hearts shows what is deep in the hearts of South African women who want to be free to express themselves and who believe that one day South Africa will be run by women.

These women present a threat to men who do not want to accept the responsibility they have to their families.

These men, however, have no difficulty spending loads of money entertaining women who are not their wives.

The production tackles a few controversial issues, such as the fact that some women earn more money than men.

A lot of men don't like that competition.

Often these women feel empowered when they have money and do things on their own.

The story is about successful and self-sufficient women who believe that women are becoming ever more powerful in South Africa.

In the production, the women communicate their anger, happiness and excitement through tap dancing.

Tapping Hearts is an inspiring piece of theatre that incorporates drama and this energetic form of dancing. Choreography is by Samson Mabuza.