Marriage bill deadline looms for ANC

Waghied Misbach

Waghied Misbach

The ANC has used its majority in parliament to push through the controversial law that allows marriage between gays and lesbians.

During a heated debate in the national assembly yesterday, the ANC was the only party to support the law that has divided religious and traditional communities.

The Civil Union Bill has to be signed by the president before December 1. The ANC has been divided internally on this law.

Home Affairs portfolio committee chairman Patrick Chauke said he believed the bill would pass "constitutional muster".

He said that a lot of work had been done on it, including widespread consultation.

But the DA disagreed, arguing that the latest version had not been discussed with the public. The DA was divided on the issue.

The PAC, the IFP, the Independent Democrats and the African Christian Democratic Party opposed it.

The bill was also opposed by the Freedom Front Plus, The United Christian Democratic Party, the Federation of Democrats and the United Party of South Africa.