Feet are in for a treat

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

Let's face it, until you have good shoes to match, no item can do it on its own.

With the festive season being a period of back-to-back functions and celebrations, women who have had their share of shoe "tragedies" know that a wise woman keeps two pairs for every function, one chi chi pair to make a grand appearance, and one worn-to-the-ground pair to relax in.

If you have been one of those brave few who has often had to balance her weight on one shoe after a long event, the following news will be heartening indeed.

The introduction of the Errol Arendz Shoes - at Edgars - now means you don't have to choose between looking good - or feeling good. At affordable prices this means that women can add these classy additions to their wardrobe with the greatest of shopping ease.

Edgars says there have been ongoing requests from customers and account-holders for a range of exciting footwear ahead of the festive season.

Arendz says: "This project began in March this year when I sought to create a shoe collection that reflected my brand and that I was also able to offer to the pret-a-porter market.

"The criteria, to provide shoes that were gorgeous and comfortable, were met."