Brother protected for sex with toddler

Masoka Dube

Masoka Dube

A five-year-old was allegedly beaten by her mother for telling her pre-school teacher that her older brother had repeatedly raped her.

Teachers in Leslie, near Secunda, noticed blood stains on a toilet seat. After checking all the children, the little girl's mother was called to the school and told to take the child to a clinic.

Teachers claim the woman did not take the child to the clinic, but hit her for talking about the rape.

The child told her teachers that her brother had touched her genitals on several occasions.

Police said the child told them that her brother told her to close her eyes and to pray. He then fondled her.

Police spokesman for the Eastern Highveld, Thabiso Ncongwane, said the mother did not want to open a case.

Ncongwane said yesterday: "Instead, she decided to punish the child. She might be arrested."

On Tuesday the child told her teachers that her mother did not take her to the clinic. The teachers said they took her to the clinic, where it was confirmed that the child had been raped.

The suspect has not been arrested. His age is not available but he is reported to be an adult who has a job.

l In another incident, police arrested a 20-year-old man from KaBokweni, near White River, for allegedly raping a three-year-old child on Monday.

It was reported that the person who usually took the child to the creche asked the suspect to accompany the child because they were otherwise engaged.

The suspect allegedly took the child to his house were he allegedly raped her.

Later the child's parents noticed that there was something wrong with the child. When they took her to the clinic, it was confirmed that she had been raped.

Police spokesman Muzi Ngomane said yesterday that the suspect has been arrested. He will appear in court soon.