Bank puts cash where its heart is

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

If the people of Orange Farm have something wonderful to smile about it is their growing relationship with a bank that has strong links with the Modimo O Moholo Shelter for the Disabled and Mentally Impaired.

The HSBC Bank, one of the largest banking institutions in the world, paid for the shelter's renovations and has also deployed its own staff members to work with the shelter on several projects.

This week Sandy Wynd, the bank's chief operating officer in South Africa, together with his bank team, visited Modimo O Moholo to start an ultra-modern food garden project.

Modimo O Moholo, Sesotho for God is Great, was established in 1995 as a skills development and work centre for physically and mentally disabled people.

Last year HSBC initiated a project to provide additional facilities for the growing number of people attending the shelter.

This year HSBC is introducing a permaculture project, in partnership with the Food & Trees for Africa organisation, to establish a sustainable vegetable, fruit and herb garden.

Permaculture is an approach to food production that integrates ecology, organic gardening and agri-forestry, and uses available resources to create food-rich environments.

The staff of HSBC will also attend workshops to learn how to help maintain the new venture.

The workshops, organised by Food & Trees for Africa, include topics such as soil conditioning, crop rotation and tree planting.

Wynd, who gained experience as a professional football coach in England, also holds coaching sessions for youngsters from the community on Saturdays.