Action hots upin 'Backstage'

Itumeleng Motuba

Itumeleng Motuba

Things gets hotter tonight in Backstage when a teacher and her student engage in a catfight to win the heart of the soapie's newcomer, Speedy.

Speedy, a musician, plays a hip-hop star who needs a choregrapher for his new video. Things heat up when the teacher, Charmaine, played by Lorcia Cooper, competes for him with Roxanne.

The situation gets more serious when Charmaine finds it difficult to separate her emotions from her professional life and is rude to Roxanne during class. Then starts the cat- fight between the two.Speedy, born Harold Matlhaku, likes the storyline.

"I didn't know that it was going take this spin. I am excited about it. I mean, what guy would not be happy about having two hot ladies fighting for him?" he said.

Asked if he had been in a similar situation in real life, Speedy said: "Not that I know of. I would not fight for a girl and I would not expect them to do so."

Speedy confessed that he has not done the salsa in a while and this has been an exciting ride.

"The last time I danced like this was when I was with Bongo Maffin, when we did the video for Mari ye Phepha. Lorcia has been giving me dancing lessons and it has been great."