Has 24 hours to report to prison

Waghied Misbach

Waghied Misbach

Convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik has until 10am tomorrow to report to prison.

Shaik's attempt to overturn his corruption and fraud convictions was turned down by the supreme court of appeals yesterday. He is sentenced to spend 15 years in prison.

But the former financial advisor to sacked deputy president Jacob Zuma has one last option - an appeal to the constitutional court.

To take this route Shaik must be able to prove that his constitutional rights have been infringed in the legal process leading to his conviction.

"If Shaik is able to prove that his rights were infringed he can take the matter to the constitutional court," said Wits University legal expert Stephen Tuson.

Yesterday Shaik's brothers, Yunus and Mo, said the legal team would study the appeals court's ruling and decide on the way forward.

Shaik was yesterday scheduled to speak at a press conference in Cape Town, but failed to show up.

Mo Shaik said his brother was "devastated" by the failure of his appeals and wanted to spend time with his family.

Yunus Shaik said the appeals court's decision would determine the "destiny of our nation" because it opened the possibility that Zuma would again have to stand trial - and the outcome of Zuma's trial would determine who would be the next president of the country.