The double life of Madima

GOING PLACES: Maduvha Madima. Pic. Len Kumalo. 01/05/01. © Sowetan.
GOING PLACES: Maduvha Madima. Pic. Len Kumalo. 01/05/01. © Sowetan.

Prince Chauke

Popular musician and actor Maduvha Madima has landed another role on pay channel M-Net.

The new character contrasts with her real life. She plays a mother in the short film Mvula - Tshivenda for rain - who does not want her rebellious daughter to become a musician.

In the film, which is currently being shot, she opposes her daughter's chosen career because she is of the opinion that it will not put food on the table in the future.

Azwindini is her daughter in the short film and is played by Elekanyani Mathobo.

Though she says her parents have been supportive in real life she believes venturing into the world of music is a solitary pursuit for most aspiring artists.

"I believe in the end the perception of many parents will change towards their children who want to be revered artists," said Maduvha.

"[My Mvula character] is not an easy role to play but I enjoy it because I am a mother. It is a mature role and something I can identify with.

"I am going to live in another world and experience what is it like to be a mother.

"It is a good film and I hope many will learn a lot from it," Maduvha said.

The film will be flighted on M-Net early next year.