How celebs plan a party

The festive season is on us again and most people are going to host parties to celebrate.

Planning for a successful party requires a tremendous amount of time, effort, money and energy.

Metro FM's DJ Wilson B Nkosi said there are three ingredients for a successful party: great company, good food and, most of all, good music.

"These three can make or break your party. Great company is the most important aspect. Be careful who you invite.

"If you invite good friends who are mature social drinkers, you should not have a problem throwing a safe and fun party," said Nkosi.

"But if you invite strangers or people who are not responsible around alcohol you are bound to get in trouble.

"It is vital that you invite guests who have a lot in common and who connect at some level."

Another celebrity, Loyiso Bala, said attendance at your party must be strictly by invitation so that the crowd can be controlled.

"If you have a friend who lacks control around alcohol, do not invite him, or invite him on condition that he will not drink," said Bala.

Bala said your guests should bring their own booze.

"It is always advisable to tell your guests to bring their own alcohol so that you do not get into the embarrassing situation of running out of it.

"This is a standard requirement but it does not mean that you do not buy alcohol at all. You must also provide nonalcoholic drinks to accommodate those who are of sober habits."

He said that the house hosting the party must constantly be cleaned.

"There is nothing more annoying than stepping on beer bottles while dancing. It is important that the host create a clean environment."

Actor Vatiswa Ndara said quality was better than quantity when it comes to parties.

"Every single thing must be top-notch. Your food must be of good quality. You cannot invite people and feed them crap.

"Your booze must be of good quality and it must be available in abundance - and the DJ must be top-notch."