Shady deals exposed

Starting a business is not easy and sometimes you can lose your hard- earned money, as some of our readers have experienced.

This might even be worse where prospective business owners invest in fly-by-night companies or do not research the profitability of the business they want to start.

Brian Mawisa is a victim of such circumstances. Last year he bought a baby diaper-making machine from Zhauns Group. He paid R44 481 for the machine.

"I then resigned from my permanent employment to invest in this business," Mawisa said.

But he never realised his dream of becoming an entrepreneur because when the machine was delivered after a long time, it was faulty.

"Some components were incorrect, both in shape and size. A production kit that I had ordered and paid for was not delivered."

Mawisa said when it was finally assembled the machine did not function as fast as the one displayed at the company's showroom.

The machine was sent back to the factory for repairs and that was the last time he saw it.

He subsequently cancelled the contract and demanded his money back.

"I was not refunded and fortunately I found another job," Mawisa said.

Zhauns Group ignored all Consumer Line enquiries.

l David Ramaite paid R8000 to Fred Rundle of Snow Delight Enterprise for a ziggy-spiral fry machine.

He wanted to start a potato chip company in Louis Trichardt, but his dream was shattered when he received an inferior product the the one that Delight Enterprise had advertised.

"I only received a frying pan, a plastic bowl and some stuff that looked like macaroni," he said.

When Ramaite complained to Rundle, he told him he had received what he ordered.

"I sent the goods back and they returned unclaimed," he said.

Ramaite said he then personally returned the "machine", but he was not refunded because he was told that the company's had a no-refund policy.

He said Rundle insisted that he had delivered according to his specifications.

Rundle said when the goods were returned he agreed to refund the R8000, but he never heard from Ramaite.

"You are dealing with a person who has complained to all the newspapers but they have refused to publish his story," Rundle said.

"I will consult with my attorney tomorrow," he told Consumer Line.

l Thabo Molifi was very lucky.

He received his Christmas lolly a day after Consumer Line took up his matter.

He was refunded the R20 000 he paid to Multiwave Financial Services, a trucking company, in April this year. Molifi confirmed receipt of payment.