Children need to learn morality

I would like to point out that children do not entirely choose to grow up and behave the way they do on their own.

Children's behaviour and outlook on life is mostly, if not entirely, influenced by parents.

If our children were properly taught to be morally responsible members of the community, we would not be experiencing the morally bankrupt behaviour currently prevalent in our schools.

The law of reaping and sowing affects all spheres of our lives.

It is obvious that we have been sowing disrespect, rebellion and a generally corrupt outlook on life into our children's minds.

Coupled with this are laws that take away from children the essence of being a child, which is to be taught what is right, to obey, to honour authority and, most importantly, to know that you are a child and not an adult.

I urge Education Minister Naledi Pandor to extend her portfolio from academic institutions to the media, especially television.

Television has become an unchallenged member of the family working to its detriment, causing moral bankruptcy and destroying family values.

Quick fixes of suspending unruly kids and implementing drug searches in schools will not be a long-term solution.

L Meshoe, Johannesburg