Unfinished bridge a bigger danger to motorists than hijackers

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

Mpumalanga motorists said an unfinished bridge is putting their lives in danger.

Residents of Mmakometsane village near Vaalbank, say Hlubukani Construction was appointed by the department of roads and public works to tar roads and build a bridge in the village in 2002.

They said the company could not afford to hire engineers and could not complete the bridge.

Michael Masola said the unfinished bridge was a "time bomb waiting to explode".

"This bridge is more dangerous than an open field inhabited by merciless armed muggers.

"It is in a frightening state and is a hideout for car hijackers because we are forced to drive over it slowly."

Joseph Mabuza, spokesman for the department of roads and public works, said the complaints would be investigated.

"We have representatives in that area and they should notify us if they encounter problems," he said.

The police's Superintendent Llota Motsileng said: "We have received many reports of accidents at that bridge."