Residents say services are imbizo driven

Selby Makgotho

Selby Makgotho

The practice of resurfacing roads only when high-ranking officials visit rural areas backfired in Limpopo at the weekend when Sekhu- khune residents complained bitterly about this.

This emerged prior to the reburial of Ramphelane Mampuru in Mamone in Sekhu- khune. The roads were resurfaced on Thursday after it had been established that defence minister Mosioua Lekota would attend the burial.

Moshetji Mampuru, a Mamone resident, said roads were only resurfaced when there were executive council meetings or izimbizos.

"This is unfair. We need our roads in good condition all the time, and not when we hear a minister or the premier is coming," he said.

Mampuru said the roads would only be in good condition again if a minister visited the area in the future.