Mob stones, burns naked woman suspected of witchcraft

A mob yesterday stoned and tried to burn a 60-year-old naked woman. She died of her injuries.

Police are investigating a case of murder against residents of Cabazana village near Mount Ayliff in the Eastern Cape. The villagers reportedly attacked the woman in the belief that she was a witch.

Cabazana resident Zakahle Jakuja said he was woken by his dogs' barking early yesterday morning .

"I was shocked. There was a naked woman kneeling against my door," Jakuja said. "She was saying weird things - that she had fallen from her private jet. She asked me if I had received a phone call from my dead wife."

Jakuja said he was astounded because his wife had died in August after receiving a call on her cellphone from an unknown person.

Mantangase Mfenqa, the local headman, ascribed the death of Jakuja's wife to witchcraft.

Superintendent Vincent Ndabankulu said arrests would be made soon.