Church intolerance annoys

My mom had been asking me to go to church with her for weeks, but I was sceptical to go because I am a gay teenager living in a small town. I know the church's stance on homosexuality.

I told my mom this. She assured me that if anything negative was said about homosexuality we would get up and leave immediately.

This past Sunday I decided to accompany her to church. We went to AFM Lewende Waters in Springs. As it happens, there was a guest speaker , Pastor Avon Browning.

In his sermon he spoke about homosexuality, stating that among other things, it was unnatural and that God had made man to be with woman to bring forth children.

A chorus of Amens followed. My mom and I got up immediately and walked out of the service. I was so offended and felt degraded and insulted that someone could tell me I was less in God's eyes for being exactly who he made me to be.

God cannot hate His own creation. And if I'm such a big sinner, shouldn't the church follow Christ's example and embrace sinners and not condemn and reject us?

It is a disgrace that the church would make any "sinner" feel judged and unwelcome. I'm still searching for a church with a pro-gay stance that would accept me as I am. I hope my search isn't in vain.

Louis Stevens, Springs