Legends in their own lifetimes

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

With the death of Lebo Mathosa, it is inevitable that people will have been thinking about Brenda Fassie.

Afro Cafe on SABC2 will soon remind South Africans of the diminutive pop diva, who died in hospital on May 8 2004.

Fans will be reminded of some of Fassie's telling statements, such as "I wanna be loved. I just wanna be loved", and "I'd rather have happiness than money", giving an insight into what she desired.

Reminding viewers of herlegendary antics will be "I am a shocker. I like to create controversy. It's my trademark."

The audience will reminisce about Fassie and the traits that made her the darling of her fans - her humility, accessibility and generosity.

Drawing similarities between her and Lebo is inevitable. After Fassie's death, people thought that because Lebo had been Fassie's understudy, she would fill her shoes.

Afro Cafe won't forget Mathosa's quotes, including: "I'm not a kwaito singer. I'm a singer. I'm a versatile singer. I can sing Indian, Latino and rock music.

"Musically, as an artist, you need to grow in the type of music you do; it is a matter of growing up. You want different things and sometimes you have to wait."

In a nutshell, the show takes you through the lives and times of two of the most extraordinary, brave and innovative women showbiz has had the pleasure of knowing.

Catch Afro Cafe tonight at 10pm.