Character reveals she has HIV

Prince Chauke

Prince Chauke

Generations' star Bathabile Mashigo will shock the soapie's lovers, her fans and friends when her character publicly announces she is HIV positive.

Mashigo plays the part of Magda in the popular SABC1 soapie.

Magda is expected to reveal her status to the multitude of the soapie's viewers tonight.

Fortunately it is Magda the character who is HIV positive and not the real life Mashigo.

She asked for it to be stressed that in real life, Bathabile Mashigo is not HIV positive.

Mashigo plays a sweet, shy and hard-working Magda in Generations.

She is infected with HIV by her possessive husband, Jacob.

But her problems seem to escalate further.

Magda also receives shocking news about her late father. She finds out that he was buried right under her nose, at her workplace.

Mashigo said it was sad for Magda to learn about her HIV status. She said playing Magda is a challenge but that she would continue to do her best.

"The problem is the stigma that goes with revealing your status [in the drama] because you are [only] acting, but people in the streets might be convinced that you are suffering from the disease in real life.

"But I am ready to take it as a challenge considering that this is a problem that not only Magda will be faced with, but the nation. There are still people who do not understand the result of the pandemic.

"People still treat HIV-positive people as outcasts. I believe we need to understand that this is a challenge for [all]," she said.

The actor said she is willing to fight the deadly diseases by being involved in HIV and Aids awareness campaigns.

"I'm keen to be actively involved in fighting Aids and I think we should work in tandem with all the stakeholders to achieve this goal. It is also crucial for all of us to know our status."