Log leaders owe R3000 for player

Linda Moreotsene

Linda Moreotsene

Castle Premiership team Silver Stars are being accused by a Vodacom League team, from whom they bought a player, of not paying them the balance of the sale.

The dispute over the sale of 21-year-old striker Collen Makgopela has now reached Safa, with Pretoria Kings' chairman Butiki Dhladhla asking the governing body to intervene and force Stars to pay the outstanding amount of R3 000 owed to them by Stars.

Dhladhla alleges that Silver Stars and its owner Larry Brookstone breached the terms of the contract signed by the two teams on September 13, and for a player they are not even using.

"The player is now playing for BK Callies, their [Stars'] feeder team, while we have issued a clearance for Stars. He even scored two goals when they played against us two weeks ago," Dhladhla said.

"The agreement between us was that as soon as Stars receive a clearance from us, they would pay the remaining amount owed to us. Instead, I have been sent from pillar to post by these people.

"To compound matters, Larry Brookstone has not been willing to talk to me personally, instead sending Susan Phala whom I did not get into any agreement with. We also don't understand why the boy is playing in a different team, BK Callies while we have issued clearance to Stars."

Dhladhla said he had alerted Safa after repeated attempts to resolve the situation amicably with Stars failed.

"I have instructed our lawyers to write a letter of complaint to Safa, but I have made Selokela Masetle, director of competitions, aware of the situation," he said.

Stars' Phala confirmed the club received a call from Safa alerting them of Kings' concerns.

"We don't dispute owing Kings money, but we made it clear that we will pay them on Tuesday [October 31], and that is what we intend doing," she said.

" Right now, we do not have the money. We regret not being in a position to settle the matter before this point, but the club intends to honour our contract with Pretoria Kings."