Plans for new petrol pipeline

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

A multimillion rand pipeline, which would contribute greatly to reducing the cost of fuel in Mpumalanga, is expected to be laid between Maputo and Nelspruit next year.

Petroline, a South African- Mozambican company, has applied for a licence for the construction of the liquid petroleum pipeline with the option of extending it to Kendal, also in Mpumalanga.

Brenda Horne, chief executive of the Maputo Corridor logistics initiative, said the new pipe would provide an efficient link between South Africa's inland regions and Matola harbour "without increasing operational pressure" on the infrastructure of South Africa's petroleum importing harbours.

"The pipeline will be operated from a tank farm in Matola harbour that will be upgraded during the first phase [of the construction of the pipeline]," Horne said.

"As part of the upgrade, Petroline would construct rail and road off-loading gantries at Matola harbour to facilitate the importation of fuels to South Africa from Matola by either road or rail until the pipeline is commissioned."