Worried about migraines

Dear Dudu

Dear Dudu

My daughter, aged 19, has been suffering from terrible headaches. I took her to the doctor and he said that she is suffering from migraines. What is this and can it be cured? He never gave her any medicine but said that she will grow out of this as she gets older. Is this true?

Worried Mother, Dobsonville

A migraine is a severe headache, often only on one side of the head. The sufferer can feel nauseous and vomit and experience sensitivity to light and sound.

The cause of migraines is not known.

Certain factors can cause a migraine in some people. These include chocolate, alcohol, cheese, citrus fruit, perfume, stress and changes in the weather.

Ask your daughter to keep a diary of what she eats, how she is feeling and what the weather is like every day. In this way she might be able to work out what triggers an attack.

She will also start to recognise the symptoms before she actually gets a migraine.

It is impossible to say whether she will grow out of this. I suggest you go back to a doctor and ask for medication for when she gets an attack.

There are many products available and I am sure you will find one that is suitable for her.