Jiyane dissolves Nadeco NEC established by rival

Mary Papayya

Mary Papayya

Ziba Jiyane, the interim president of the National Democratic Convention, has officially dissolved the Nadeco national executive council established on October 21 by his rival, Hawu Mbatha.

Yesterday Jiyane, whose position as Nadeco president was legitimised by a court ruling last Friday, said his decision to dissolve the NEC was "normal practice".

"This is normal practice in democratic countries. When presidents call for elections they also dissolve their cabinets," he said.

He said Nadeco would hold its official federal congress this Saturday in Durban.

Proceedings would be overseen by the Independent Electoral Institute of Southern Africa and the Africa Institute of South Africa.

He said only bona fide card-carrying members would be allowed to vote.

After the election, the conference will also discuss and amend the party's constitution if necessary, he said.

The Pietermaritzburg high court ruled last Friday that the conference that elected Hawu Mbatha as president of Nadeco was null and void.

In making the ruling, Judge Noel Hurt said that the current problems within the party were political and thus needed a political solution. He also stated that Jiyane had broad powers on the running of the party.

Mbatha told Sowetan that his faction accepted the court ruling and would wait for today, when the judge is expected to give his reasons for his judgment.