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Musa Zondi

Musa Zondi

Victor Dlamini is not a modest man. He is not overly zealous either.

So when the SAfm literary reviewer and former Independent Electoral Commission spin doctor starts singing the praises of a car, you know that he really is sold on it.

Dlamini drives a Subaru Forester. He had checked out the Porsche Cayenne and the Range Rover when someone suggested that he give Subaru a try.

"I must say that I had never given the Subaru much thought. So when I went to the dealership, Schalk offered me a drive in the Forester. Those guys are not salesmen. They are enthusiasts," he said.

The combination of the dealership service and the drive blew him away.

"The car drives beautifully and I could not believe how well it handles. In fact I like the ride so much that when we have to go out to meetings with my co-workers, I always offer to drive everyone," he said.

What really appealed to him is that the car has all the gadgets "for less than R350000".

There is power, but it is not cumbersome and it is easy to park, he said. The kids also enjoy the ride to school because the car has all the space they need.

One of the best features of the car, he said, is that you can drive it the way you like.

"Sometimes I drive it gently, sometimes hard. There is always power on tap," he said.

The Forester 2,5 comes well-equipped with air bags and other safety features.

The car is powered by the its famous Boxer power plant that delivers 169kW and a top speed of 210kmh. More importantly, as an all-wheel-drive vehicle the Forester can go places that many other cars can't.

Judging by the number of these cars on our roads today, Subarus have obviously endeared themselves to the motoring public and it is no accident that they are gaining in popularity.

But the Forester does not claim to give you what you do not need.

It is above all a dependable, no-nonsense car that will almost always perform as required, when required.