Tip of penis 'bitten off'

Elisha Molefe

Elisha Molefe

A member of the R4F gang, whose trademark is to bite off the tip of their victims' penis, will know his fate tomorrow.

Israel Lemogang Motshelamadi, 18, of Setlopo village, near Mafikeng, and his accomplice are alleged to have cornered Tshepo Matthews Thompson, 31, in a dark alley outside a local tavern.

According to the evidence heard in North West's Mmabatho high court, the two accused crushed Thompson's head with a large stone in June last year and then his penis was "bitten off".

In mitigation, Motshelamadi said he "only wanted" the victim's leather jacket.

l Xolisile Mafele, the co-accused, withdrew his original plea of guilty. The trial was separated and he will appear later this month.