Colour has gone out of boxing

Professional boxing in South Africa is bankrupt without coloured fighters who brought charisma, grit and determination to the ring.

Gladiators like Gregory Clark, Chris Whiteboy, Aladdin Stevens and Gerald Isaacs ruled the junior middle, junior light and featherweight divisions.

These heroes grew from the concrete jungle to rule the roost. They were every promoters' dream because they were draw cards. They boasted granite jaws and packed the meanest punch.

Sadly, though, glamour boys like Cameron Adams, Desmond Stuurman, Peter and Gideon Borias, and Peter Favor did not make an impression. Favor said gangsterism killed their blossoming careers.

But others like Clark, Whiteboy, Stevens and Isaac became national champions.

But many recent fighters flopped after accepting mismatched bouts because they wanted to be compared to the greats that preceded them.

Only Jan Bergman, Daniel Ward and Earl Morais stood the test of time in the latest crop.

But defeats late in their careers signalled the end of boxing in their areas. Is there a glimmer of hope for a recovery?