Supervisor harasses and abuses us at work

Supervisor harasses and abuses us at work.
Supervisor harasses and abuses us at work.
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My supervisor at work is a
terrible manager and constantly verbally abuses us.

We are all scared to report her to our boss as it is an open secret that she is sleeping with him and he has failed to act against her in the past.

Do we have any other recourse?

Boitumelo replies:

Since talking with the boss has not yielded any positive results, perhaps it is time to take the legal route of reporting the matter to the HR department and to a trade union, if available.

You can also consult a legal expert on this issue.

What I understand is that HR must operate under the Health and Safety Act for all employed in the company and has a duty to comply with those rules, and that also forces the employer/ boss to comply with them.

There is strength in numbers, and if all employees involved can work together to present their cases where they felt abused or bullied as well as proof that their boss failed to resolve the matter, that can maybe offer a solution.

Even in a smaller company where the boss makes most of the decisions, it might be effective to confront him as a team rather than as individuals.

MOM replies:

I feel that this is more of a labour and legal matter. My advice to you is that you should consult an HR specialist to talk about your rights in a situation like this and how to protect yourself.