Sisters in the family way

Four sisters were pregnant at the same time last year. / 123rf
Four sisters were pregnant at the same time last year. / 123rf

Last year, four Capetonian sisters made headlines by being pregnant at the same time and expecting to give birth almost at the same time.

The sisters, Zulfah, Firdous, Mehnaaz and Kashiefah Kamroodien, told Parent24 they did not plan to fall pregnant at the same time and it was pure coincidence that they found themselves all expecting at the same time, although they joked that they had a conspiracy theory about their husbands having planned it.

In the article, the sisters spoke about the experience of being pregnant at the same time and alluded to having petty dramas but being very supportive of each other nevertheless.

While some people may think the experience of going through morning sickness, doctors' visits and occasional baby kicks with a sister in the same shoes is fulfilling and reassuring, can it spell doom for your relationship as siblings?

When hormone fluctuations kick in and mood swings are at their peak, can your relationship survive pregnancy intact?

Psychologist Mampho Mofokeng says it can be the biggest test of your bond as siblings.

"There are definitely some pros and cons to being pregnant together with your sibling. It may be reassuring to know there is someone very close to you who is going through the exact same thing you are but, at the same time, it can also unearth some good old sibling rivalry," she says.

These are some of the perks:

When you have your sister a phone call away you can compare notes about what you are going through, which can be reassuring. Being pregnant can trigger paranoia in some women, and they find themselves rushing to the doctor for every little thing.

So, it can definitely be reassuring if your sister puts your mind at ease and lets you know that what you are experiencing is normal because she is also going through the same thing.

Your kids will be cousins of the same age, which can build into a close-knitted, lifelong relationship.

Gone will be the days when hand-me-downs had a 10-year gap between who first wore them and who is wearing them now. Sharing of these items will be easier as they would still be new.

Believe it or not, some parents struggle with finding playmates for their kids. With your kids being cousins of the same age, they will automatically be playmates.

Some of the cons include:

With such a close age gap between your kids it would only be natural that a bit of jealousy comes in. Whose child learnt to walk first, talk first? Whose child is better at extra curricular activities, who is better at academics? For some siblings this can spiral out of control and cause a bitter rivalry.

Who gets to spend more time with grandma and grandpa? Why did the grandparents get your sister's child a gift for their birthday but not yours? Whose child is in their will and what will they get over yours? These are some of the issues that may arise.

While the one sister may only be trying to help when offering advice about parenting, it can be misconstrued as the one sister being a know-it-all, which can be infuriating because you went through pregnancy at the same time.

Your sibling may feel that you will automatically be the go-to person to babysit because you have a newborn of your own, and you may find that you don't share the same sentiments and taking care of one child may already be enough for you to deal with.