Hussar Grill is a meat lover's dream

Delicious lamb shank
Delicious lamb shank

You'll will never view your steak the same way after a short lesson on different cuts of steak from a staff member at Hussar Grill restaurant at Silverstar.

Rib-eye, T-bone, sirloin, tenderloin you will be familiar with these cuts of meat as well as the ageing process and what it is best served with by the time you make your choice of meal.

I recently got an invitation to try out the restaurant as they navigate their way out of the nationwide lockdown that nearly crumbled the food service industry.

We arrived on a rainy weekday with just a few patrons already seated for dinner.

The restaurant décor has an old school cigar lounge/library feel to it with dark wood, white tablecloths, pictures of vintage model cars and books on the walls.

One new item that has been added to the décor is a bottle of sanitiser on each table and per Covid-19 regulations staff members keep their masks on at all times.

Our lovely hostess Zanele brings us welcome snacks: bowls of sweet potato crisps, olives and biltong

She returns with a meat board featuring a range steak cuts and takes us through it, explaining each piece and what wine it would be best paired with.

Meat board with a selection of steak cuts
Meat board with a selection of steak cuts

Wednesday is lamb shank day at the restaurant, so even after the tempting steak presentation from our hostess we settle on the special of the day as our choice of meal.

The slow roasted Lamb Shank is cooked in a flavourful and rich sauce and served on a bed of mashed potatoes  or like me you can opt for a side of spinach and pumpkin. As expected, the meat was 'fall off the bone' soft, the entire meal was a perfect description of warm and hearty.

We topped the evening off with a lovely liquid dessert of a chocolate vodka martini.

The restaurant is running a special till March, 31. Customers can get a set menu with a starter and main for 2, a bottle of Hussar Red and chocolate vodka martini for R350 on Tuesday or go for the lamb shank at R180 on Wednesdays. On Mondays all 200g rump, sirloin or fillets are upsized to 300g.

A number of restaurants at Silverstar Casino are also running some cool specials for the month part of the Big deals special, so if you are saying of places to go for date night you have plenty of options.