Social media star uses humour to promote vaccination among youth

17 September 2021 - 09:27
By Karabo Ledwaba
Tik Tok rising star Mfumo Bamuza.
Image: Supplied. Tik Tok rising star Mfumo Bamuza.

Tik Tok rising star Mfumo Bamuza is using his influence to combat Covid-19 and vaccine misinformation.

The 27-year-old from Diepkloof, Soweto, uses humour and dance to motivate his 60,000 followers to get vaccinated.

In one video that is doing the rounds he effortlessly dances his way into a Covid-19 vaccination site while the employees join him.

His message is simple, "it's cool to be young and vaccinated".

"Generally current affairs is my niche when it comes to Tik Tok. I was doing videos on the presidential address and lockdown... I shifted to create content that was now introducing or informing my audience about the different variants and such," he said.

Bamuza is also a debate coach at various schools in Gauteng. 

"Because I am a debate coach I have to keep up with what is happening and my kids have to go around and compete which means they need to know what is happening in and around the world. My job is to read up so that I can share with them and have conversations about what is happening," he said.

"I have an audience and I do think its part of my responsibility to create as much awareness, I have a platform where I can create these conversations and I want to dial down the intensity of how information around covid-19 is presented to us, there is so much fear mongering...I just want to give it a light hearted humour."

Bamuza said one of his biggest inspirations is his friend who died of Covid-19 complications in January.

"Some of my friends have lost their parents and it was a hectic time."

He said he has had mostly positive responses with some people saying they are now more comfortable going to get vaccinated because they watched his content.

"I am also seeing people calling me a sellout and that I have given myself to white monopoly capital but I think that one thing that is making me proud is that people are actually engaging about the vaccine," said Bamuza.

In the future he wants to go international and be a highly sought out content creator.

"I am wishing for brands to take content creators seriously but also to run away from the idea that we have no business etiquette. I want to fight that culture."