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How you can make a child’s dreams come true on Slipper Day on May 7

Spare some change for young dreamers at Wimpy to support Reach For a Dream

To support Reach For a Dream, buy Slipper Day stickers at any Wimpy nationwide for R20 or make an online donation.
To support Reach For a Dream, buy Slipper Day stickers at any Wimpy nationwide for R20 or make an online donation.
Image: Suppplied/Wimpy

Your childhood is meant to be the greatest period of your life. It should be defined by endless possibility and attempts to squeeze as much fun out of a day as possible. But for children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses, the simple surprises and joys that define childhood are overshadowed by doctors’ visits, lengthy hospital admissions, countless tests, and expensive treatments. 

These are the children that Reach For A Dream wants to give hope to. For more than 30 years, the non-profit organisation has been fulfilling the dreams of children aged between three and 18 diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. It has worked with more than 500,000 children, making about six dreams a day come true. 

Since 2014, Wimpy has been working with Reach For A Dream to make even more dreams come true. Wimpy is a supporter of Slipper Day, Reach For A Dream’s largest annual fundraiser. The goal of Slipper Day is simple — wear your slippers outside the house to raise awareness for children and adolescents who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. 

While the children’s dreams usually range from gadgets or toys, to plane rides or meet-and-greets, Reach For A Dream always goes the extra mile to give every child exactly what they ask for. This year, two of the many dreams that this worthwhile initiative is looking to fulfil include those of Jordan Lubbe (9) and Simamkele Ngqunya (12). 

Jordan was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukaemia, a blood and bone marrow cancer that affects white blood cells. Nothing gives Jordan greater pleasure than being in the great outdoors, and he longs to own fishing equipment to pursue his dream of being a world-class fisherman. 

Simamkele dreams of owning a laptop to do his schoolwork and watch movies while he is in hospital. Simamkele was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in January, after his health started declining last year. 

To support Reach For a Dream, buy Slipper Day stickers at any Wimpy nationwide for R20, or make an online donation. Every sticker purchased and all donations over R20 earn the donor a free Famous Wimpy Coffee at any Wimpy on Slipper Day. 

“Supporting this initiative is a source of great pride and joy for Wimpy. Children are a crucial part of the family, and our brand is all about celebrating and supporting families,” says Wimpy marketing executive Jacques Cronje. 

“We plead with all South Africans to get behind this worthy cause. We can give these vulnerable children hope by turning their dreams into a reality. This is an opportunity for ordinary citizens to practise ubuntu, which is one of the pillars our beautiful country is built on. History has shown that inspiring things happen when South Africans stand together, and if there was ever a worthy cause to unite for — this is it.”

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