Travelling with a jetsetter: Boity Thulo

The lockdown for the multi-talented Boity Thulo has been an opportunity to rest, to spend more time with her mother and to even draw closer to her ancestors.

This has also been a time for her to release some new music, which she had placed on hold. She dropped a new song this month called Own your Throne, her third single since making her debut with WuzDat in 2018.

It's available on all streaming platforms.

We spoke to her to find out about some of her travelling experiences, as well as where she's planning on going once life is back to normal.

Where is the last destination you travelled to before the nationwide lockdown?

I went to Spain. That was my last international destination just before the lockdown started.

Where's the first place you're heading to once we're out of the lockdown?

Anywhere with an ocean, somewhere tropical. Maybe the Maldives or Mauritius because that's where I wanted to go for my holiday in April.

Tell us more about life under the lockdown. What has your experience been as far as adapting to a new normal is concerned?

For the first month, I truly appreciated the amount of rest that I got because I had been on the go for a whole year and a half.

I hadn't had an actual break in so long, I took this as a chance to actually stop and breathe. I've started cooking, which is something I consider to be the biggest miracle of all time. I'm enjoying it.

In between working on my music, I've also had some real "me time", as well as the opportunity to spend some time with my mom in a real way.

It's just been so refreshing, and I feel like I'm so much more connected to myself and my ancestors.

Describe your first holiday you remember as a child.

My first holiday was also my first time on a plane. I remember going to Durban and seeing the beach for the first time. I was just blown away.

And your first trip abroad?

I went to New York when I was 23, and I've been in love with the city ever since.

What is the most difficult, remote or adventurous destination you've ever been to?

I think most of Italy is worth exploring, but New York has undoubtedly been my most adventurous destination. You can stay there for however long and there'll always be something new and exciting to do.

What is your favourite city in SA? Why?

Johannesburg has my heart, but I also love Durban because of the warm water and the fact that there are always fun times. There's always a place to groove in a fun way. So, I think Durban is pretty dope, even though Joburg has my heart.

What's your favourite international city? Why?

New York, definitely. My soul belongs there. Each time I visit New York, it feels like a part of me has always lived there. You realise how much potential is burning up inside of you when you're there. For me, there's really nowhere else like it.

What is your best piece of travel advice?

Do not lose your passport! Also, read and adhere to the travel and luggage regulations for the airline you are using. It's also very important to do your research about the place you're going to, so you can find out about the safety, level of racism and things like that.

What's your go-to plane outfit?

Anything that I can fall asleep in. I don't want to feel any seams or elastics. It must be as light as possible and must not crease. I must be able to sit comfortably, stretch or fall asleep in it without it creasing or feeling like it's on my body.

Must-have plane items?

My charger, my own headphones, a good pair of socks and the right lip balm.

Name one place you really want to go see now or some day

Bora Bora. I saw it once on Keeping up with the Kardashians many years ago and I've always told myself I have to go there. It looks incredible.

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