Impi Brewing Co embodies spirit of South Africa - and its people as country celebrates National Beer Day

02 February 2020 - 16:58
By Londiwe Dlomo

South Africans are known to be a beer-loving nation. This past Saturday, February 1, from Chaf Pozi in Soweto to Capital Craft in Pretoria, beer lovers were chugging down their preferred beverage celebrating South African National Beer Day.

The day was founded by beer writer, Lucy Corne. SowetanLIVE took a closer look at one of the companies who took part in the celebrations, Impi Brewing Co in Lorentzville, Johannesburg.

Why the name Impi?

We wanted to create a brand that resonates with a broad audience. The Impi warrior formulates a great part of South African history and we wanted to tap into a figure that resonates on a national level.

The word 'Impi' translates to war and Impi Brewing Co is in a war to break the boundaries of segregation, to break the boundaries of previous perceptions as the founding directors, Nico Booysen and Tsietsi Madonsela, hail from two very different backgrounds.

Beer can be used to unite people of different backgrounds and often great success may stem from such unique partnerships.

Impi is also proud to be independent, which also forms part of our battle.

What differentiates your beer from all the other offerings in the market? 

Quality, consistent small batch beer with a unique craft approach, embodying the spirit of South Africa - and its people.

What types of beer do you offer?

A German style pilsner and a craft lager.

How should people best enjoy your product? 

Come to our tap room located at Victoria Yards, sit back and enjoy the experience.

Always best served chilled.

What challenges have you faced in running your business?

Funding as in any business is always a challenge. We believe in our product and the power of the brand. We know that Impi Brewing Co will become a household brand.

What about beer should people know?

Beer is made of four key (natural) ingredients: malted barley, hops, water and yeast.

The hops added to the beer imparts different flavours; and different ingredients, and proportions, allows beer to offer various sensory experiences.

What significance does National Beer Day hold for you?

A day where all South Africans can enjoy locally produced beers in the spirit of ubuntu.