This summer is all about glow, bright nail colours and arm candy, tips Mbali Nkosi

30 October 2019 - 12:10
By Londiwe Dlomo
Actress and businesswoman Mbali Nkosi
Image: via Instagram @theembalinkosi Actress and businesswoman Mbali Nkosi

The heat is here and women everywhere want to experience their own #HotGirlSummer. Lovers of jewellery will often cheekily say that perhaps the only thing to wear during spring and summer is a few choice pieces of the sparkling stuff.

SowetanLIVE bumped into self-confessed jewellery junkie Mbali Nkosi at the rebrand launch of jewellery brand Pandora. From blush to bashful, the guest were decked in all shades of pink, they were hosted by influencer Melody Molale, presenter Kim Jayde and stylist Tracy-Lee Rosslind. The brand has recently announced that Stranger Things actress Millie Bobbie Brown is the face of the brand.  

Nkosi, an actress and businesswoman, said she felt like everyone wants to feel pretty and sexy during summer. She believes in laying on the arm candy when it comes to jewellery. 

“I think everyone is enjoying the arm candy vibes, like a lot of watches and bracelets on bracelets, you can mix it up with different things. I do love Pandora, I have a lot of Pandora pieces, I also have, ooh they mustn’t get upset with me, a lot of Daniel Wellington pieces. I just mess it all up together and I get excited,” she says.

Influencer Melody Molale was one of the hosts.
Image: Supplied Influencer Melody Molale was one of the hosts.

She gives the same advice when it comes to necklaces.

“Nobody does the one necklace anymore, you have to do like the two or three necklaces that standout, the different pendants, which looks really nice especially with golden skin, highlighter everywhere,” she says. 

Nkosi’s right about the golden skin. Singer-turned-beauty mogul Rihanna was recently on social media reppin’ the gold body glow.  The Mzansi’s Sexiest calendar girl says her secret to getting that glow is highlighter and bronzer.

“Even if I’m going to a daytime event I use the highlighter on my shoulders, on my arms and especially on the boob area, even if you’re not wearing makeup just put highlighter on your face and a good lip-gloss and you end up looking like you’re glowing. I put it even on the legs, ankles and behind the knees, it sounds weird but when you’re walking and the sun catches you, it just looks absolutely beautiful,” she adds.

Nkosi’s other warm weather stunning advice is to wear a good pair of shades and no fuss stud earrings. She doesn’t believe in the perfect swimsuit or perfect body type.

“If you’re comfortable and you feel good, rock it. What I’ve been seeing lately is that there is no certain body type for anything, as long as you make something look nice you can rock it, even if you’re not 100% confident about it you can wear a kaftan, tie a sarong around your waist, anything you’re comfortable in will look amazing,” she adds.

It was a pink affair at the Pandora rebrand.
Image: Supplied It was a pink affair at the Pandora rebrand.

Nkosi owns Azure, a nail bar, and  says people shouldn’t do boring nails in the summer.

“Do patterns, go to beauty bars that know how  to do nice stuff. Do neons, mix pinks and oranges just be bright, it’s summer,”  she laughs.  

Nkosi says the entrepreneurship journey is hard, though fulfilling especially if it’s something you love.

“It’s so weird because once you start you can’t stop, but it’s the most stressful thing you’ll ever do in your life, it’s not for everyone. The one thing I would say is never try to be an entrepreneur if you don’t have work, because you need money to supplement your business before it can supplement itself, which is a big thing that people don’t do and you end up drowning yourself,” Nkosi says.