Mediapad M5 lite: the 5-stop-shop for kids' entertainment

Unlock a whole new world for your kids on Huawei’s budget-friendly tablet

30 April 2019 - 13:30
Unlock a whole new world for your kids on Huawei’s budget-friendly tablet
Image: Supplied/Huawei Unlock a whole new world for your kids on Huawei’s budget-friendly tablet

What if we told you that your kid’s fingerprint could unlock a whole new world just for them? More specifically, a separate, special kids’ version that you can set up to meet the their needs depending on their age? Also, if your sprogs no longer need the PG13 treatment, you have a wonderful study tool – with some entertaining elements on the side. Let us count the ways ...

1) Kids Corner

Awoken by your kids’ finger, this specially designed, cute-looking interface can be custom configured, such as the amount of time your child is allowed to spend on the tablet depending on whether it’s a weekday or weekend.

Kids Corner has access to four apps: the audio recorder, cameras, a Kids Painting app, and a gallery app called Multimedia. But you can download suitable apps to your heart’s content from the Google Playstore. But be mindful that there is only one Kids Corner profile and no special child-friendly internet browser, allowing your little one to get full access to all the wonders that Google has on offer.

2) Smash Fortnite and Netflix

Sitting at a nice size of 24,3cm × 16,2cm, this little tablet is the right size to rest on your not-so-little-one’s lap while they are getting the best in entertainment. Whether they are watching something or winning while gaming, this tablet will give you its all with a 25,6cm sized screen and 4 Harmon/Kardon speakers - all the better to hear it with. And if you don’t want to hear it, they can always use the headphone jack and use the headphones.

3) Unlock creativity

You have to love a free accessory and this one is actually useful. The Huawei M5 Lite comes with a pen stylus so your kids can use it to draw to their hearts delight on apps such as Autodesk, which comes with a variety of textures and penstyles. It cannot be overstated how artistic expression is a wonderful and therapeutic outlet for children. And yes, even those super-fun colouring in apps still count.

4) Read between the lines

We know that more and more these days, children’s textbooks come in the form of PDFs and this tablet can be the perfect tool to read them from. Not just in terms of handling and page size, but also thanks to its blue light filter options that makes all the difference when you need to spend some serious time learning about the biology of earthworms.

For the younger ones, you can present the blue light filter in Kids Corner so that it is always on, helping to curb the harsh light on their young eyes. Rumour has it that it also helps get them fall asleep faster but we can only dream ...

5) Posture perfect

“Sit up straight!” is a classic mom standard. Luckily, the tablet comes with something called a “posture detect” sensor. The tablet can sense from the way your positioning the tablet and tells your child know when to stop slouching. Better yet, its distance sensor also gives them a heads up when they get too close to the screen to help prevent another mom classic, “square eyes”.

All this and more for the recommended retail price of R5,999 or R399/349 on a contract. And what’s more, it’s all yours to play with the minute they go to sleep.

This article was paid for by Huawei.