The things we used to do - before technology changed our lives

Pre-Google you had to find a book‚ blow the dust‚ open it and page through for information‚ only to not find what you were looking for. Times have changed‚ and many things are changing with it.

“When it comes to functions‚ people do not send hand delivered invitations anymore‚ and this used to make you special and encouraged you to make an effort of showing up. One of my pet hates is that Uber drivers seem to have become robots that vigilantly follow the GPS instead of looking around for pickups; it is almost as if they are not conscious of the world around them. The biggest irony in the world is that auto-correct has turned millennials into the worst spellers‚” says Craig Jacobs‚ fashion designer and founder of Fundudzi.

Printing photographs

Every memory is a selfie away‚ stored in our devices with no urge to get a hard copy. However‚ our parents had to get digital cameras‚ dress you up and photograph you‚ there was no space for random pictures.

Using public phones

Every corner had a public phone meant and used for one purpose: making calls.

Sending hand-written letter

You hardly know your loved one’s handwriting lately‚ everything is typed.

Solving a Rubik cubes or playing with actual toys

Growing up toys were the only thing you really cared about. But in this day and age children access them on their phones.

Being patient and tolerant

For some reason technology has taken away the virtue of waiting. Simple things like slow wifi connection‚ late replies and queues can easily tick us off. People do not queue for banks anymore.

Telephone books

Yellow pages used to be the most important book in the house with its list of contacts. One hardly sees or uses it anymore.

Grandma’s recipe books

Grandmothers used to have secret food recipes from their mothers and would gladly share them on special occasions‚ lately we simply google secret recipes that are open secrets on the Internet.

Losing people’s business cards

Remember when you would lose people’s business cards? Well‚ nowadays there are scan and save apps on phones that helps store the contact information on your database.

Watching T.V

We watch our phones.





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