How to survive Valentines Day when you’re single 

Here’s how to survive Valentines Day

Beware of couples

Seems a bit obvious but needs to be said. Avoid couples at all costs because even the most reserved couples will be extra soppy on this day. 

If you’re friends with a couple and they invite you out on this day, DON’T DO IT!

It’s a moneymaking scheme

Whenever you’re feeling down about V-Day just remember it’s a money making scheme. There is no set day to show somebody love. Not having a Valentines on the day is not a train smash. Also bear in mind no matter how expensive the flowers, they still die….

Stay away from braggarts

“Look what my partner got me” Your colleague says as they shove a Valentines Day gift for the 2000 time in your face. You exclaim how thoughtful the partner is, while holding back your real thoughts. Do we need to mention that you should avoid these people too?  Nobody likes a braggart especially on Valentines Day.

Love yourself

Like the song goes love yourself. Yes we’re aware of the double entendre we mean that too.

You can love yourself by buying yourself a gift, writing a love letter to yourself or treating yourself to a pamper session at the spa.

There is no set date for self- appreciation people! 

Help somebody else out

Spread the love YOUR way on Valentines day. Volunteer to watch somebody’s kids so they can go on date night. Visit your parents if they live nearby, talk to them about how they met.


There’ll be less people at the gym, so you can grunt and pretend you’re Scwartznegger all you want. Also hopefully the machine hog has a partner and you’ll have all the equipment to yourself.

Plus endorphins are good for you. 

Raise a glass

Send up an ode to the wine spirits by popping open a bottle. It’s Valentines Day go high end and buy yourself the expensive stuff. While you’re at it cook yourself a meal bound to make even Chef Benny Masekwameng (from Master Chef) jealous.

And remember tomorrow is Wednesday and it will be like Valentines Day never happened.

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